Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking - Logging in

How do I log in to Online Banking for the first time?

  1. Enter your 17 digit Personal Account Number (PAN) located on the front of your MEMBER CARD® debit card.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. The next screen will be the Online Banking agreement, click on continue.  Read the agreement.  If you agree to the terms and conditions, enter your password and click on "I agree".
  4. Input your password again, click on Submit.
  5. You will then be asked to choose a security image and caption.  Choose an image and caption that is easy to remember, click on Proceed.
  6. You will then proceed to the security questions part of the sign up process.  Choose three questions that are easy to remember and provide answers to each question.
  7. Click on the proceed button.  You will then be able to see your security image and caption, as well as your three security questions and answers.  Click on Proceed.  Each time you log in to a shared computer you will be asked one of the three security questions.  You also have the option to permanently register your computer so you will not be asked to answer on eof the three security questions each time you log in to Online Banking.
  8. You will then see your security image and caption as well as your three security questions and answers.  You can edit your questions at this time.  Click on proceed.
  9. You will now see your Account Summary page.

Do I need to go through all of these steps every time I log in to Online Banking?

No.  You will only need to go through this process the first time you log in to our new Online Banking system.

Why is Prairie Centre Credit Union implementing this enhanced security for Online Banking?

PCCU cares about your security.  That's why we've introduced one of the most advanced security features with our Online Banking. 

Have you ever received an e-mail that by all appearances looks like an email from a financial institution?  The e-mail will ask you to update your account information by clicking on a link.  This type of cyber-crime is called "phishing".  The fraudster is sending you the email hoping you will click on the link and enter all your personal account information on a bogus site.  Our new, enhanced security feature will ensure you know you are on the authentic PCCU banking site.

I was trying to set up my security image and I saw a picture I liked.  I've been scrolling through the pictures, but I can't find it again.  Why?

The site contains thousands of security images.  Once you have gone past the images, you can't go back.  If you see an image you like, select it right away.  You have the ability to change your security image at any time.

How do I choose a security image?

Double click on the image you would like to choose.  When you see a red border around the image, then you know the image has been chosen.

What do I do if I forget my password or the answer to my security questions?

Use our secure contact us area within the PCCU site.

How many computers can I permanently have registered for the Online Banking login process?

There is no limit.

Is there a limit to the number of characters I can use for my password?

Passwords can be from 5 to 16 alpha numeric characters.

If I delete my cookies, will I have to go through the registration process for Online Banking again?

You can delete your cookies, but it will delete your memorized accounts and the option to permanently register your computer.  As a result, if you delete your cookies, you will need to answer a security question the next time you log in to Online Banking and set up your memorized accounts again.

If I want to change the nickname of my account can I use symbols?

If you use symbols in your account name, you will get an error.  Only alpha numeric characters will be accepted.

Can I edit auto transfer?

You are unable to edit the amount of an auto transfer.  You need to delete the auto transfer and re-add it.  This is also the case for scheduled bill payments.

Where do I view cheques?

Go to the transaction that you would like to view in the account summary page and click on the link to view the cheque.

How do I set up my Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) payments?

Click on Pay Bills and then select Business Tax Payments.  To file or remit payments to the CRA, the appropriate account needs to be added first and then the option to file or remit is selected.

Where do I get help on how to use Online Banking?

Navigate to the Help section located at the top of the page.  Click on Help and then Online Banking.  You can then choose from a drop down menu which area of Online Banking you need help with.


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