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Lock'N'Block® Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage debit cards from another financial institution using Lock’N’Block®
in my PCCU account?

No, only debit cards from PCCU can be managed within the Lock’N’Block® service.


Can I manage my credit card with Lock’N’Block®?

No, this feature is only available for Everlink Debit Cards.  Credit cards are not eligible for this feature.


How can I view the available cards?

After selecting the Lock’N’Block® feature on either the mobile app, mobile web , or desktop, you will see up to two debit cards that you can manage within Lock’N’Block®.


If I have more than two cards, how can I manage a third card?

There is no way to add and/or change which cards show for you to manage.  Only the cards listed can be managed.


How do I set up a nickname for my cards?

Select the debit card from the list of debit cards available and enter a nickname. You cannot use special characters, and the maximum length is 25 characters.


How do I review and make changes to the current settings for a debit card?

Select the debit card you would like to make changes to.  On the Manage Cards screen you will see the current settings for your debit card.  Simply move the toggle bar next to each setting. 


What is card status?

Card status shows you whether your debit card is currently locked or unlocked.  If your debit card is locked you will be unable to use it.  Select the off/on toggle bar to change the settings.


What does “Block ATM Transactions” mean?

If you have blocked ATM transaction you cannot use ATM features with the debit card until you change the status to unblock.  Move the toggle bar to change the settings.


What does “Block All Purchases and Refunds” mean?

If you have blocked all purchases and refunds you cannot use this card at a point of sale (POS) system for purchases or refunds until the status of the card is changed to unblock in the Lock’N’Block® feature.


What does “Block All International Transactions” mean?

If you have blocked all international transactions, you cannot use your debit card for any transactions outside of Canada until you change the status to unblock.  There are some limitations to this so please check with your local branch for more information.  Move the toggle bar to change this setting.


Do international transactions include the United States?

Yes, any transaction made outside of Canada is considered an international transaction.


What if I cannot find my card, or I know my card is lost?

Please call 1-888-277-1043 if you know your card is lost, or has been stolen.


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