Credit Card Transition Information

Transitioning To Your New Collabria Credit Card

Why has Prairie Centre Credit Union changed credit card suppliers?
Our former credit card supplier no longer provides services to Canadian credit unions, which is why we have switched providers. We have entered into a new partnership with Collabria Financial, the credit card organization selected by the Canadian credit union system.

Will my existing card number and PIN be the same as my CUETS credit card? 
No. Your new Collabria credit card will have a different card number and a different PIN. Once you have activated your new Collabria credit card you will be able to change your PIN if desired.

Will any pre-authorized or recurring transactions automatically transfer to my new Collabria credit card? 
No, they will not automatically transition to your new Collabria credit card. To avoid any declines to your credit card account, please contact all the vendors you previously had pre-authorized payments set up with and provide them with your new Collabria credit card information.

How do I make changes to any pre-authorized or recurring transactions? 
You will need to contact each individual vendor that you have a pre-authorized or recurring transaction set up with, and provide them with your new Collabria credit card details. Some common recurring payments include:

• Netflix
• Gaming subscriptions (Xbox, Playstation etc.)
• Music subscriptions (Spotify, Sirius, Google Music etc.)
• Mobility providers (SaskTel, Telus, Rogers, Bell, Shaw, Koodo etc.)
• Amazon
• Paypal
• Apple
• Gym memberships
• Charitable donations
• Annual subscriptions

Are items that I’ve purchased on my old CUETS Mastercard still insured by the insurance coverage on my new Collabria credit card?
To verify insurance coverage, please review the insurance certificate you will receive with your new Collabria credit card. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the insurance provider outlined on that card’s corresponding insurance certificate.

How do I activate my new Collabria credit card? 
There are three ways you can activate your new Collabria credit card:

Option 1
a. Enroll in MyCardInfo and automatically activate your card
b. Click on Enroll
c. Fill out the required information, noting date of birth should be entered as mm/dd/yyyy
d. After registering, a pop-up window will appear saying “A new card has been issued on your account. Do you have the card in your possession and wish to activate it?” You should say yes and go through the prompts to activate your card. You may need to log out of MyCardInfo and back in again to get the pop up notification.

Option 2
a. Call the automated card activation service at the number that appears on the sticker on the front of your new Collabria card, which is 1-866-498-3840
b. Follow the prompts including entering your card number, birth month, birth date and birth year, and the security code that appears on the back of your new Collabria credit card
c. The system will confirm the card activation was successful or will transfer you to a live agent to complete the activation
d. Discard the sticker from the front of your card after activation
e. You can now immediately use your new Collabria credit card by using its tap functionality or by entering the PIN you received with the new card

Option 3
Visit or call your nearest branch, and a staff member can activate your card for you. However, they cannot change your PIN.

How do I change the PIN on my Collabria credit card?
For detailed instructions on changing your Collabria credit card PIN, please visit the Activation and Use section of Collabria’s FAQ page.

How do I get online access to my Collabria credit card? 
Visit MyCardInfo and register your new Collabria credit card. If you have multiple card types, you will need to register each card separately. Within MyCardInfo, you can view transactions, reward point balances and statements, make payments and set up fraud and travel alerts.

How can I pay my Collabria credit card bill? 
There are 3 ways to make a payment to your credit card account. The fastest and recommended approach is to register on MyCardInfo to make a payment from your account or call Collabria customer support with your account information. Any payments that are made this way before 5 p.m. on MyCardInfo or in the branch will post to your credit card account after 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can pay in-person at any Prairie Centre Credit Union branch. You can also pay via online or mobile bill payment but both can take up to 5 business days for these payments to process.

I have a question that isn't listed here. Where can I go to find an answer?

If you have other questions regarding your Collabria credit card, we encourage you to call their support line directly at 1-855-341-4643, or to visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Collabria website