Home Equity Loans

Time to replace that 1970s shag carpet? Yearning for a tropical beach somewhere? With a home equity line of credit you can use the equity in your home for renovations, a new car, a vacation, or even consolidating debt, all at a lower interest rate than a regular loan.


  • Acts as a revolving line of credit
  • Only pay interest on the amount used
  • Access your money the same way you access your chequing account, through your debit card, cheques, or in branch.
  • Pay down the balance any time, and then use it again when you need to.

A PCCU Home Equity Line of Credit gives you access to a line of credit for up to 70% of your home’s appraised value, less any prior outstanding mortgages or liens. This line of credit is secured by the equity in your home and gives you maximum flexibility and convenience with rates that float with Prime.

Flexible Repayment Terms

If you don’t use your PCCU Home Equity Line of Credit, you don’t make payments:

  • You may choose to pay as little as the monthly interest.
  • Allows you to pay outstanding balances, in full or in part, at anytime without penalty.

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