Quick Loan

Quick Loan

Quick Loan - The loan for anything, anytime!

Yes, it's that flexible. A Quick Loan is the perfect loan for the active borrower. It's a "one time" approval for amounts anywhere from $5,000 to over $100,000 (just depends on what you need).

The Quick Loan is ongoing. Once you are approved, the loan is there for you to use on an on-going basis and you can pay it down anytime without penalty! Prairie Centre offers a flexible re-payment plan and you can access funds from your Quick Loan through MemberDirect or come into the branch.

Members use their Quick Loans for boats, cars, credit card consolidations, home renovations, vacations, and the list goes on! Quick Loans are much like having a credit card but without the 18% interest! If all this talk about our Quick Loan piques your interest, come in and let's chat!


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