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  • Credit Cards
    Business Credit Cards Our new business Mastercards ® provide a multitude of added benefits and features. From low rates and cash back to elite privileges and rewards, we invite you to discover our complete lineup of business credit cards. .Widget_SimpleHighlight.card_11301 .c-container { padding: 100px 50px !important; } Low Rate Business Mastercard Keep costs down with the low rate & low annual
  • Credit Cards
    Agriculture Credit Cards Our new business Mastercard ® selection allows your business to choose between low rates, cash back and elite privileges! Discover our complete lineup below. .Widget_SimpleHighlight.card_11324 .c-container { padding: 100px 50px !important; } Low Rate Business Mastercard The practical solution for business purchases. Learn More .Widget_SimpleHighlight.card_11328 .c
  • Lines of Credit
    Prairie Centre Lines of Credit A revolving line of credit is a loan with an approved limit that’s attached to your chequing account to help pay for your short-term personal credit requirements along with providing overdraft protection. As an added convenience, you can easily access your funds with cheques, at your nearest ATM, in-branch, POS, or pre-authorized debits. Talk to us today to find
  • Credit Cards
    Personal Credit Cards Whether it’s earning cash for every dollar you spend or travel and premium rewards, our new lineup of credit cards have all the features and benefits you’re looking for. Enjoy low rates, low annual fees and purchase protection. Just pick the card that fits your needs and you’re good to go. Apply online in just minutes. .Widget_SimpleHighlight.card_11244 .c-container
  • Lines of Credit
    Agriculture Line of Credit When your farming operation needs funds for its day-to-day expenses, a Prairie Centre Agricultural Line of Credit has got you covered. This revolving, pre-approved loan provides money for your operating expenses such as inputs, fuel, fertilizers, seed, supplies, repairs and more. You have immediate access to funds and can monitor your account information online
  • Business Lines of Credit
    Business Lines of Credit Our business lines of credit offer competitive floating interest rates, making them the ideal solution for financing receivables, inventory, seasonal requirements and other cash flow requirements. Ongoing Credit A Prairie Centre business line of credit lets you borrow funds up to a pre-established limit as often as needed, with a customized repayment schedule designed
  • Message from Prairie Centre Credit Union Board of Directors
    Message from Prairie Centre Credit Union Board of Directors The Prairie Centre Credit Union (2006) Ltd. Board of Directors would like to announce the official retirement notice of Al Meyer, CEO, effective December 31, 2021. Al has been the CEO since February 2000 and has successfully led the organization’s strategy and direction, as well as being instrumental in the success and growth
  • About Us
    Apply for an Achieve or Aspire Scholarship Find out more about how we're supporting students. Learn More Meet the people behind Prairie Centre Get to know the staff at our credit union. Meet Our People About Prairie Centre Credit Union The Prairies – our home and way of life. From the iconic skies, expanse of the land, and changing colors of the seasons which keep us captivated and in love
  • Member Rewards
    Prairie Centre Member Rewards Prairie Centre Credit Union’s Member Rewards program offers a real opportunity to see the difference between doing business at a bank versus doing business at a credit union. Unlike the banks, where profits are only enjoyed by shareholders, Prairie Centre's profits are enjoyed by all who choose to make us their primary financial institution. Prairie Centre’s Member
  • Loans
    find out exactly how much you can afford. Personal Loans Pay off the principal or the entire sum anytime without penalty with this low-rate loan. Learn More Student Loans If you do not qualify for a government student loan program or need top up financing, a Prairie Centre student loan can help! Learn More Lines of Credit A line of credit is perfect for covering your short-term credit needs plus
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