About Prairie Centre Credit Union

The Prairies – our home and way of life. From the iconic skies, expanse of the land, and changing colors of the seasons which keep us captivated and in love with where we call home. Prairie Centre was born on the prairies in 1993 as a result of a merger between five branches in the West Central region of Saskatchewan. Instead of merging with one of the existing credit unions, a new credit union was incorporated - the first in the province since 1952. Since then, 11 more branches have joined, for a total of 16 branches making Prairie Centre the largest rural based credit union in Saskatchewan. Much like the members we serve, our determination, grit, and passion for the prairies is what helped us grow to a full-service financial institution; serving over 15,000 members, managing over 1 billion in assets, and employing over 150 people.

Prairie Centre is full circle banking. When profit is earned here, profit stays here, jobs stay here and our love of rural Saskatchewan stays HERE. Members are owners which makes it highly motivating for us to help them achieve financial success right here at home. Unlike traditional banks, our member-owners are rewarded by their belief in us, not by their account balance.

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