Prairie Centre Value-Added Services

Banking with us is all about convenience. From online banking and our mobile app to fast, friendly in-branch service. We also offer a host of other services to make sure banking with Prairie Centre is always a great experience.

Safety deposit boxes are secure, locked storage units located in a Prairie Centre branch’s vault to store valuable personal possessions like jewelry, bonds and special documents.

  • Safety deposit boxes provide protection for your valuables against loss, theft, and fire.
  • If your family needs to find important papers in case of an emergency, will they be able to find them? A Power of Attorney or a Will are vital things to have as long as someone can find them when they’re needed.
  • You’ll have access anytime during branch hours and there’s no need to make an appointment to access your deposit box.
  • Safety deposit boxes have two keys — one is kept by you and the other is kept at the branch. Both are required to open the box, so no one can access your box except for you.
  • The Prairie Premium account package includes a discount on safety deposit boxes.
  • You’re supplied with one spare key, so you don’t have to worry if you lose one. 

Four different box sizes are available at most branches:

  • Small $35/year + GST
  • Medium $40/year + GST
  • Large $60/year + GST
  • X-Large $125/year + GST

Whatever currency you need and wherever you want it to go, wiring the funds is a great (and affordable) option:

  • All wire transfers are completed through Credit Union Payment Services (CUPS) that are secure and traceable.
  • If you're in a hurry to get funds to their destination, you’lll have proof that the funds have been sent.
  • Wire Transfer charges vary based on the receiving institution and location.

To view your e-Statements:

  1. Log into your Digital Banking account.
  2. Click on ‘Accounts.’
  3. Click ‘View e-Statements.’
  4. Select the account that you would like to view.
  5. Select the year and then the month of the statement you wish to look at.

e-Statements are available to view on desktop and on mobile apps.
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