Prairie Centre Member Rewards

Prairie Centre Credit Union’s Member Rewards program offers a real opportunity to see the difference between doing business at a bank versus doing business at a credit union. Unlike the banks, where profits are only enjoyed by shareholders, Prairie Centre's profits are enjoyed by all who choose to make us their primary financial institution. 

Prairie Centre’s Member Rewards aren’t defined by the size of your accounts, they are determined by the depth of your relationship with us. Anyone can benefit from Member Rewards – from post-secondary students just starting out in life, to members enjoying their well-deserved retirement.

Our program was built with the credit union and cooperative values in mind and this program aligns with our history of doing things different. After all, credit unions were formed from the need for people to come together to change the way they bank. Credit unions share their profit with members and those profits stay right here, in our communities. Profit doesn’t travel to Bay Street, it stays on Main Street – in every town we’re proud to call home. That’s our purpose and what makes us different.

Best of all, Prairie Centre’s Member Rewards program provides instant access to profits through discounts on loans and rate incentives on deposits. The bonus or discount is determined by the depth of your relationship using everyday banking products and services. To learn more, please contact your closest branch and let’s talk about how you can enjoy your profits as a member.

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