Business Mortgages
Prairie Centre takes a personalized approach to your business needs. Looking to expand? Refinance? We offer flexible commercial mortgage options with competitive rates to help your business grow. Check out a few of our different mortgage types below. 

Let one of our mortgage specialists create a financing solution for you - contact us today!

Click here to learn more about the Canada Small Business Financing Act.
A mortgage granted for the construction phase of a commercial building project.
A revolving term loan for financing capital assets (equipment, machinery, vehicles) on an ongoing basis without the need for re-applying for a new loan every time.
A conventional mortgage for the purpose of purchasing revenue generating property.

Featured Mortgage Rates

Enjoy great rates and flexible options.
5 Year Insured Mortgage

Interest Rate

3 Year Insured Mortgage

Interest Rate

PCCU Variable Mortgage

Interest Rate

*Rates subject to change.
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