Samsung Pay

A secure and easy way to make everyday purchases with your Samsung devices.

Adding a Card to Samsung Pay
On your smartphone:

1. Download the Samsung Wallet App from the Google Play store or Galaxy Store. Latest Samsung Galaxy smart phones come pre-installed with Samsung Wallet.
2. Open the Samsung Wallet App.
3. Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner.
4. Follow the instructions to add your Prairie Centre Credit Union Member Card.

Paying with Samsung Pay
With your smartphone:
1. Open the Samsung Wallet App or swipe up from home screen.
2. Select your Prairie Centre Credit Union Member Card.
3. Authenticate your card with PIN, fingerprint, or iris scan.
4. Hold your phone to the payment terminal – a subtle vibration and beep will confirm your payment and the screen will show a checkmark with a "Payment completed" message. The payment terminal will also let you know when the payment is approved.

Where to Use Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay using your Prairie Centre Credit Union Member Card works wherever Interac® Flash is accepted. Just look for the Interac® Flash logo or contactless symbol at the checkout.
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