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Frequently Asked Questions
So you're looking at buying a car, going on a trip, or doing some renos? Look here to find answers to some questions you may have on borrowing with PCCU. 
Personal loans can be used for anything from vehicle purchases, renovations, consolidating credit card or other debts. Rather than paying for a large expense upfront, a personal loan helps you divide it up into smaller, more afffordable payments to help you get what you are needing, in your budget. 
Yes, however becoming a member is easy! When you are a member of Prairie Centre, you also get instant rewards through our member rewards program. 
You will need to provide us with details of your purchase, including an invoice or any receipts. We will also need to obtain 2 years of income tax. 
The amount you are required to put down depends on what you are planning on purchasing. To find out more, check out our loan calculators
There are fees, however they are worked into the cost of the loan unless you request to pay them upfront. Fees are dependent on what the loan is for and how long you will be taking it out for. 
A credit score is not mantatory to apply for a loan, however it may affect your eligiblity. By speaking to one of our Prairie Centre relationship managers, they will be able to look at your overall financial picture and see what will work for you.
Consolidation loans are used to pay out any outstanding debts you have, to give you a more manageable payment to be able to pay off credit card debt quicker. 
Here at Prairie Centre, we set up your loan payments to work with your schedule. Whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments, we will find a payment schedule that works with you! 
Yes, you can do so either in branch or online. Make sure if you are doing this online, that you select to "make a principle payment only". 
Making additional payments to your loan, no matter the size, helps you pay your loan down faster and pay less interest. 
Once a year on consumer loans, you have the option to skip a months worth of payments and only pay the $25 skip a payment fee! 
Please note, processing times may vary, we require a minimum of 5 business days notice to process this request. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information on skip a payment. 

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