Bank with a partner who puts you and your community first.

We are creating a Saskatchewan where our people and communities can thrive together.  We cultivate growth by building relationships and empowering people to improve their financial health through sound advice and local access to leading global financial tools.

The Benefits of Member Ownership Include:

  • Have a say in where your money goes by voting for the Board of Directors of our credit union.  Everyone 18 years and older can vote no matter how much money you have
  • Profits are distributed back to:
  • Career opportunities and payroll dollars that stay here
  • We answer the phones 😊. Help is one step away!
  • Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation where your dollars held with us are guaranteed dollar for dollar
  • Convenience. Why drive to Saskatoon when Prairie Centre provides local access to:
    • Everyday banking products and service
    • Sound financial advice and planning services
    • Credit requirements approved by credit specialists only

Customer to Member Owner – what does this mean?
When you switch from a bank customer to a member of Prairie Centre Credit Union, you become an owner.  That means if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Prairie Centre at a Glance

  • 172 employees
  • 17,000 members
  • 16 rural Saskatchewan branches
  • Managing over $1 billion in assets

If you're ready to switch, we'll make it easy for you to become a member owner.

Open your account today!

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