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Ag Equipment Loan SALE!

Looking for fast approvals on equipment this spring?  If you're in the market for new or used farm equipment, look no further than PCCU's Ag Equipment Loan Sale.  We'll have you approved in no time and with competitive rates!  Not sure what equipment you're looking for just yet?  Not a problem.  We can approve you ahead of time so when the right deal comes along, you'll have cash in hand to make your purchase. Stop in at any PCCU branch to learn more!

Online Banking for Herbert and Morse Members

For Herbert and Morse members who want to use online banking services, please use your original websites to log in until after our technical merge which is set to take place the weekend of May 15, 2016.  Once our technical merge is complete, you can use the pccu.ca website for all of your online banking requirements.  Thank you for your understanding!

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PCCU Prime Rate2.75%
5 Year CMHC Mortgage3.05%
60 Month Term Deposit1.75%
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