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Money Doesn't Grow on Fees

Prairie Centre Credit Union is a locally owned financial institution and we're proud of it!  We're accountable to our member owners to run a sound business, share in the rewards, and help "Grow your Money".  We monitor our marketplace on behalf of members and identified an opportunity to reduce monthly Personal Service Fee packages by 5% and cut E-transfer fees from $1.50 to $1.00.  Changes effective September 1, 2017. 

Congratulations to our PIZZAFALLOOZA WINNERS! We are excited to join you in the field and bring a pizza feast along with us! 

Rosetown & Harris:

Grant Tyson
Devin Wiens


Renaldo Wiebe

Dean Clark


Eric & Nora Turner
Rod & Eugenie Knight


Jeremy Wiens

Marg Swan


Larry Meyer

David Schmitz


Jeff Bailey

Brenda Somerville


Dana Schindel

Otto Wiebe


Lori & Kelly Beattie

Linn & Sheila Ptolemy


Barb Trayhorne

Graham Parson

Elbow & Loreburn:

Nathan & Jennifer Martens

Greg Lemcke


Tatum Schneider

Archie Lowe

PCCU introduces VirtualWealth® robo-advice

Now investors have a new way to save for their financial goals

Until now, investors could work with an advisor or they could self-manage their own investments.  Now there's another option:  robo-advice (or digital advice).  In partnership with Qtrade Financial Group, PCCU is offering VirtualWealth to its members. 

VirtualWealth is a simple, easy-to-use online investing service that matches investors with a tailored portfolio based on their goals, timeline and tolerance for risk.  Each portfolio holds a professionally managed, well-diversified mix of low-cost exchange-traded funds, which is automatically rebalanced to the investor's target asset allocation. 

Getting started with VirtualWealth is quick and easy.  Investors answer a set of risk-and goal-based questions, and the service suggests a portfolio designed to deliver the right balance between growth potential and capital protection.  The entirely digital (paperless) onboarding and funding process takes just a few minutes to complete. 

Watch the short video below and to learn more, please click here.

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PCCU Prime Rate3.25%
5 Year CMHC Mortgage3.10%
60 Month Term Deposit1.70%
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