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Congratulations to our Pizzafallooza Meal in the Field Winners!

From everyone at PCCU, we'd like to congratulate the following:

Eston Winners:  Perry Robinson & Harold Grimes

Eatonia Winners:  Don Punter & Ryan Francis

Outlook Winners:  Gary & Kathleen Genereux and Harvey Benson

Elrose Winners:  Caroline Hintze & James Woodworth

Rosetown / Harris Winners:  Judy Kahovec & Holly Stevens

Elbow / Loreburn Winners: Kurtis & Shelly Nunweiler and Owen & Marilyn Akre

Kyle Winners:  Mike Calkins & Amber Smith

Morse Winners:  Rhett Jones & Earl Weppler

Beechy Winners:  Pam & Neil Danroth and Maureen & Lorrel Covey

Herbert Winners:  Cameron Laing & Norene Schroeder

Dinsmore Winners:  Kendal & Ellen Manson and Ed & Shelly Omiecinski

We look forward to delivering a feast to your field (and give your cooks a night off)! 

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