Use your Prairie Centre Credit Union MEMBER CARD debit card to pay cash without carrying cash. Your MEMBER CARD debit dard gives you the freedom to shop at thousands of stores, restaurants, and other retail outlets across Canada and around the world. You can access your funds instantly using your card, so you spend only what you can afford.


You're protected every time you use your credit union debit card with the following benefits:

Buyer Protection:

This coverage offers protection on the purchase of most retail items - and that includes gifts! For a full 90 days after the purchase, the item is protected if it's stolen, dropped and broken or even consumed in a fire. For example, if you're wrapping that expensive vase and it suddenly crashes to the floor, you're protected!

Extended Warranty:

The program DOUBLES the warranty period of a purchased item up to one entire year, as long as the manufacturer's warranty is valid in Canada for five years or less. For example, when you purchase a DVD player, the manufacturer would typically offer a one-year warranty. However, if you use your MEMBER CARD debit card for the purchase, the DVD player would be protected under the terms of the original warranty for an additional one year period.

Need to make a claim?

Just be sure to keep a copy of your transaction record, the merchant bill, and (for warranty claims) the manufacturer's warranty. You simply call 1-800-263-9120, ext 225002 and a Claims Representative will assist you.


Flash Cards *Recent Changes*

As of December 1, 2020, the Interac Flash® limits on our debit cards have increased from $100 to $250 on individual transactions, and from $200 to $400 on cumulative Interac Flash® transactions. In order for this change to take effect on a member's card, they will need to complete three consecutive pinned transactions. Once this occurs, the limit change will be activated. If you have questions about this change, we encourage you to call or visit your nearest PCCU branch.

What is Interac Flash®?

The Interac Flash® service is a contactless payment with the functionality of Interac® Debit, and has all the benefits of Interac® Debit but it allows you to pay for smaller purchases faster and easier. When making a purchase for less than $250, you can choose to use the functionality by simply holding your card in front of a supporting reader at check out. Your purchases will be deducted instantly from your bank account. The transaction uses chip processing and relies on the same secure network as your PCCU debit card - no need to insert your card or enter your PIN.

The cards have a cumulative limit and once reached, insertion of the card and entering your PIN will be required to process the transaction. After that, more transactions may be processed as "contactless" transactions until the limit is again reached. With Interac® Flash instead of cash, it's like you're ready with the exact change every time.

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Interac Flash Q & A


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